Should you move furniture while cleaning the carpet?

Carpets need high maintenance as they may collect germs, dust and impact the interior environment as well as your health. Therefore, in order to maintain it needs a simple vacuum twice a week or thorough cleaning every few months. If your home has many furniture loaded on the carpet, it is very annoying to clean them. But, the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Fairfield making this work easy for you; let us discuss how?

How should you decide whether to move furniture or not?

Carpets and furniture have an old relationship as a wall-to-wall carpet in any household has a variety of furniture from bed, dressing tables, and couch. But when it comes to cleaning the carpet, should you move all of them? Here are a few things to keep in mind recommended by Carpet Cleaning Fairfield professionals in your area:

The material of furniture:

Some furniture, like center tables, is made up of glass and is delicate. It can break if carefully not handled when performing the cleaning. Therefore, it is best to relocate that type of furniture to avoid unnecessary damages.

The type of cleaning:

Suppose your carpeted area has wooden furniture, and you perform shampooing to clean. Here, carpets may get stained from the wooden leg as water and chemicals come in contact. Or, furniture made with iron may be prone to rust and corrosion. Consider moving furniture or making sure liquid does not seep through those areas in such situations.

Weight of the furniture:

Some furniture like chairs, plant stands, small tables are lightweight; you can place them in another room while cleaning. But what if you do not have enough space to relocate? Or, what will happen if the furniture is too heavy to lift? In these situations, you can protect them by using layers of blankets, cardboard, or pads that act as a protector for carpet and furniture.

How will things differ if you choose professional cleaning?

If you choose a professional carpet cleaning, some companies like Fairfield Carpet Cleaning Experts may ask you to relocate furniture before they arrive. The reason behind it is, professionals use heavy, large machinery to clean the carpets, and they do not want to damage any furniture or delicate items. However, cleaning professionals will inform the customers what they need to do prior to cleaning.

Alternatively, some may relocate furniture for you free of cost, while others may charge as it requires time to move. Another reason why professionals may charge is relocating furniture requires labor and training.

Decide on cleaning? Call the professionals:

When you decide to call the pro for carpet cleaning, do not forget to ask them whether their expert will move furniture or you have to do your own. Now, you know what to do, so consider calling the professionals for Carpet Cleaning Fairfield.

How to remove oil and water-based ink from the carpet?

Most people stay on top of cleaning the carpet by regular vacuuming, but they do not know how to deal with tough stains. However, certain stains require special skills and different approaches to remove them. For example, ink stains are generally based on oil and water. Therefore, our carpet cleaning experts will make you aware of removing oil and water-based ink stains from the carpet. Though professionals at Carpet Cleaning Fairfield suggest the first step is to take immediate action, we need a more detailed approach. So, let us read this post to know in detail.

How to clean carpet with water-based ink?

Water-based ink is a more eco-friendly option as it does not use plastic. The two main ingredients in this type of ink are water and pigment. If accidentally fall rollerball pens or washable markers, it can stain on the carpet. However, a carpet cleaning experts in Fairfield says these types of stains are easiest to remove; let us see how:

  • Prepare the mixture and add one teaspoon of detergent with some warm water.
  • Use a white towel or clean cloth and dip it into the mixture.
  • Work from outside towards the center of stains and dab the cloth on the inked area.
  • Be careful not to spread the ink around.
  • Repeat the process until the water-based ink stains disappear.
  • Use a dry towel to soak up the extra moisture.
  • Leave the carpet to dry.
  • Vacuum the stained area once the carpet is dry.

How to clean carpet with oil-based ink stains?

Oil-based ink mainly contains pigments, mineral oil, hydrocarbons and is commonly found in ballpoint pens. It is tough to deal with these stains, and it dries faster, so do not hesitate to contact professionals in Carpet Cleaning in Fairfield.  However, try the below steps to remove them:

  • Use non-oily hairspray or rubbing alcohol to moisten the stained area.
  • Let it sit for five minutes to saturate the area.
  • Use clean cloths to blot the ink stain from the carpet.
  • Check whether the color is transferred onto the towel.
  • Repeat blot and spray process until ink come out of the carpet.
  • Let the area dry and use a vacuum for the final touchup.

Some oil-based marks are permanent, and you should consider calling a carpet and rug cleaning company.

Have ink stain problems? Get help from carpet cleaning experts in Fairfield?

Make sure to test the detergents on a small patch to avoid small stains turning into large spots. But if you are unsure about the type of ink stains and how to deal with them, consider expert carpet cleaners in your area. Professionals Carpet Cleaning Fairfield has the best products and techniques to deal with even the toughest carpet stains.

Why it’s High Time to Clean Carpets During Winter?

While the tile floor relaxes you on summer days, you eagerly seek warmth during cold weather. So what else is better than the warmth of carpet underfoot during winter? Unfortunately, winter is the messiest season for floors and carpets as you spend more time indoors. That is why carpet cleaning should not be postponed in the winter months. Also, Carpet Cleaning Fairfield professionals say it benefits customers if they choose to clean during this time. There are many reasons to have the clean carpet during winter; let us look at them one by one.

Reasons To Clean Carpet During Winter-

It is important to know the best time to clean your carpet so that you do not harm it. Also, when you know the right time and right way to clean the carpet, you can extend its life and improve its beautification. Let’s have a look at some of the convincing reason to clean carpet during winter.

Carpets Dry Faster During Winter:

You may be believing winter means short sunny days and takes longer to dry a carpet. But don’t forget that only exterior weather is cold; you have cozy warm air indoors. And when the air of home is warmed up, it will absorb moisture with ease. Hence, winter, the driest time of year, helps carpets dry faster.

Flexible Scheduling:

You know your carpet has a collection of dust and dirt buildup, and professional cleaning is essential. So, why don’t you hire them now instead of procrastinating? This is because spring is about to come, and everyone wants to book for cleaning service. Also, professional carpet cleaners will be busy, and getting an appointment is a bit tricky during the upcoming season. So, to avoid disappointment and rush, you can book professional Carpet Cleaning in Fairfield in winter.

To Eliminate Allergens And Cleaner Air:

During winter, you keep doors and windows closed, and your carpet traps and holds all dust particles, pollen, and bacteria. These allergens were making an unhealthy home environment. But when you choose professional carpet and rug cleaning, they will thoroughly clean the carpet. Hence eliminate the chances of allergens and make your home breathable.

To Save Your Carpet From Damage:

Putting off cleaning and waiting for winter months to get over can cause stains and dirt to set on the carpet. As a result, permanent spots, worn appearance, deeper soiling ultimately damaging the carpet. So, if you want your carpet appearance to stay new in spring, getting them cleaned in winter is the best.


As you can see, winter is the best time to clean the carpet, and you should consider the benefits as mentioned earlier. So, help your home freshen and enjoy the warmth inside even if it is too cold outside by scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service.

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Services Essential For Pet Owners?

Pets seem to cherish, and these cuddly animals can easily become an inseparable part of your family. However, they are breathing beings and don’t have the common sense to manage their grooming and personal requirements. As a result, your carpeted floor or rugs will get contaminated with their presence. However, as long as you clean them regularly and get professional carpet cleaning services, it will be easy to protect your carpets. However, if you are still confused, here are some reasons why you need to search for Carpet Cleaning Fairfield online and hire a professional team for carpet cleaning services :

  1. Urine And Feces Contamination:

Whether you have an innocent puppy, a cute cat, or even an adorable rabbit, your pet may have contaminated your carpeted floor by their urine at least once. Urine contamination in the case of pets is going to be awful.

You will need to identify the affected area quickly because it may get odourless soon. Like any other liquid, urine can travel to your carpets’ fibers and even your floorboards. On the other hand, feces is gross however will need instant cleaning. Such actions require instant professional assistance but before that, you should also take some necessary steps to remove the smell and stubborn stain from your carpet.

  1. Odor Contamination:

Pets may seem to be highly adorable; however, the reality is something else. They may get a little smelly if they didn’t have a bath, or they have taken a round of your kitchen garden and played in the mud.

So, it is vital to bathe your pets frequently to prevent your carpets from their odour penetration.

  1. Shedding Contamination:

Pets are known to shed fur; however, this is not all about their shedding story. Your pets produce dander, and it can affect your carpets’ lifespan. 

Moreover, seeing your pet rolling around your carpeted floor may seem too ultra-cute but will eventually make your pet’s body oil sinking. It can sink deep down to your expensive carpet’s fibers.

  1. Dirt And Grass Stains:

Cleaning your carpet is not as simple as wiping away the dirt, especially when you have pets. Your pets don’t wear shoes while going out and don’t wash their feet while stepping in. 

And they bring dirt and grass over your rugs, which will be the hardest thing to clean. 


Your pets are the only source of carpet contamination if you don’t have kids and maintain a no-shoe floor inside your house. So, regular carpet vacuuming is a must for you. Carpet Cleaning in Fairfield experts are highly experienced and our squad of professionals take care of your carpet with at most safety and sharing your pets are never in danger.  

Welcome Spring With Clean Carpets

Spring is here! The question is are your homes ready to welcome the new season of the year? With bright colored flowers in the garden and a mystique fragrance in the air, everything is spring. But while we enjoy the bright sun and hues, it is also important that we take a look at our homes and ensure whether they are clean or not. Cleanliness begins at home! It is true and the first thing on that cleaning bucket list has to be the carpets. It is these carpets that have to bear the wrath of dust and dirt and in no time they become dirty. Therefore, with the Carpet Cleaning Fairfield workers, you can make sure that your carpets look fresh and new to welcome the spring in its full glory.


Vacuuming Carpets Regularly


You remember those lazy days when all you want to do is lie on those carpets in your home, snuggle your pets while sipping a cup of hot coffee! Ah, they are blissful. Hence, it is imperative that before you get on to sitting on them, you must make sure that they are clean. Vacuuming the carpets on a regular basis helps you in a major way. Not only does it eliminates the dirt on the surface but also makes reduces the presence of toxic allergens, so to speak. Hence, instead of doing them once in a blue moon, vacuuming should be done on a regular basis so that you can bask in the spring sun sitting on your carpets. 


Keeping Doormats At The Entrance


Ensuring a simple new change of keeping doormats at the entrance can reduce the dirt that comes inside in a great way. You must also ensure that all your guests follow the simple rule of removing their footwear outside. In this way, you can keep your carpets clean and also make sure that the influx of toxins is reduced. It is a great way to not only set some ground rules for everyone at your place but making sure that even the floors and the tiles are clean. 


Deep Cleaning With Professionals


Just as we do a lot of things in our routine, it is imperative that we ensure that our carpets are cleaned by professionals every once in a while. We do visit a physician and get all our medical checkups done on a regular basis so that we can ensure that we are healthy. Similarly having the local carpet cleaning Fairfield to help you with the cleaning chores ensure that your carpets are safe. It also adds to the average life span of the carpets. After all, you cannot step out every 6 months and buy a new carpet. 




Therefore, with the onset of spring, you must make sure that your homes are clean and tidy to welcome the season in full swing. So instead of sitting by and waiting for all that dirt trapped inside the carpets to affect your breathing and cause health problems, you must be proactive in cleaning them. While the simple cleaning tasks can be done all by yourself, you must also make sure to get professional experts on board whenever needed. None of us want our kids to develop allergies merely by sitting on the carpets. So the decision is completely yours! After all, we have to be wise when it comes to our family’s health. So this is your time and makes the most of it. Hop on to the bandwagon and get started with the best of professional services just as easily. 

Is Carpet Cleaning On Your Checklist?

Sometimes the pressure of work takes a toll on us. Working five days a week and not getting any me-time can get extremely exhausting. So when the weekend comes all we wish to do is relax. We tend to ignore the cleaning chores that may have become mandatory over a period of time. But you must make sure that this does not happen. Once we ignore the essentials of a healthy clean and house, we risk getting our precious upholstery and carpets spoiled.

So if you don’t have that kind of time on your hands, worry not! With Carpet cleaning Fairfield all of your problems are just about to be gone in only a moment. The professionals get in and get out and there you have your perfect carpets ready before the guests arrive for that great party.

Preparing Your House For Holidays

Preparing your house for the holidays is not an easy task. It is something that we have to be ready for at all times. You can have a mad rush of guests and with kids, it is impossible to juggle amid everything. If you are going to have that hustle-bustle in the house, you must be wondering to have your homes look the best. Now how exactly can you achieve this? Well, with the help of the best Carpet Cleaning in Fairfield, you can easily get your most valuable carpets cleaned. No more brushing the dirt and shifting positions for the carpets. All you have got to do is simply keep calm and let the experts give your carpets a thorough detox with a deep cleaning solution. Not only will you end up having cleaner-looking carpets but also be ready to receive praises for your choice.

A Strict ‘no policy’ In The Home

Before you brace to welcome the guests into your home, be certain to lay down some ground rules. It is very important that you introduce a strictly no shoe policy inside the house. You can keep separate pairs of slippers or comfy shoes that can be worn inside the house. It may look weird but it is essential if you wish to keep your carpets clean and healthy. Having shoes trample over your nice and clean carpets not only brings in dirt and soil the carpets. It also gets into the house the dirt particles and allergens that may lead to breathing problems.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Gone are the days when homemakers were supposed to do all the cleaning and wait for their spouses to return home. Nowadays, women have a professional life that they would kill for. No one has the time to pick up the vacuum cleaner and clean the carpets daily. But what you can do is call upon carpet cleaning Fairfield to clean the carpets thoroughly. This goes a long way. Through various methods of shampooing, steam cleaning, and encapsulation you can have better looking and dirt-free carpets in no time.


Thus, with all the benefits of professional carpet cleaning mentioned above, ask yourself, if that is on your checklist or not. If you have still been postponing the imperatives you need to be prepared. Allergens and health problems go hand in hand and so does the cleaning of carpets. It is never too late for a proper fix. So do whatever is necessary and get the professionals on board. You need their help if you want to be proactive and fix the various cleaning chaos at hand. So what is the wait for? Get right to it.

Understanding Different Carpet Cleaning Type Of Composition

Before buying a carpet, it is necessary to know the carpet cleaning type that will best suit your convenience of usage. This is because these carpets have exclusive usage locations. For instance, carpets for the living room may not be fitted for carpets on the runway, as the density of usage and types of users may affect the quality and duration of the carpet. In this article, we shall take a descriptive study of the different types of rug carpets, as it is expected to aid Carpet Cleaning Fairfield good judgment when deciding on which one to buy for a particular purpose. As it is relative to carpet cleaning.

Types of Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning:

Wool Rugs

Sheep wool is one of the most wonderful natural materials used in production. Serving solid and exquisite wool carpets for decades, their owners are delighted with heterogeneous colors. Walking barefoot on a smooth and warm surface is not only enjoyable but also beneficial to well-being.

Disadvantages include the ability to quickly pollute, susceptible to butterflies and mold. However, these defects can be easily eliminated with the help of special tools that ensure the safety of the rug, such as the carpet steam cleaning tools.

Silk Carpets

Silk carpets, soft shiny and noble mix of shades, are called “magic.” Natural color does not distort when exposed to moisture and sunlight. The flexible, light, and durable silk thread allows craftsmen to draw the smallest details. Woven silk products change shade depending on the dominant colors of the interior and the lighting. It is often equivalent to the artwork that is worth collecting. Experts suggest carpet dry cleaning remedy for cleaning this type of carpet.

Viscose Carpet

Viscose fibers are a good alternative to natural materials. A pile of relatively inexpensive viscose paint is nice, light, and soft, and shine is similar to silk gloss. In viscose rugs, the delicate texture design, color depth, and elegance of lines are combined with high durability and the ability to retain the original look for several years, if properly taken care of, especially by professional carpet cleaning agencies such as Carpet Cleaning Fairfield.

Synthetic Carpets

Modern technologies allow us to bring the quality of artificial carpets to the properties of products made from natural fibers. In addition, synthetics win the process and it’s easier to take care of. Other advantages of acrylic, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene carpets include qualities such as safety for allergy-prone people; moisture resistance; design appeal, availability, and prices.

However, when making a choice in favor of industrial carpets, it is worth noting that you are purchasing a product that wears very quickly. Thus keep in mind that carpet maintenance is optimal. And if for industrial use, opt for carpet repair service in Fairfield.

Carpets With and Without Nap

The market offers products without piles, and carpets with short and long piles, as well as combined. Practical lint-free options with a grainy texture that fits nicely into the interior in a simple, modern style. It should be purchased for hallways, kitchens, balconies, and cottages.

Warm and semi-wool pile products made in Iran, India, and Pakistan are perfect for warmth and soft comfort. Traditional carpets with a long nap are usually placed in the bedrooms. But long-haired products are now in the prime of fashion. The carpet cleaning methods are optional.

Shaggy Carpet in The Bedroom

Shaggy Carpet in The Bedroom

For “shaggy” carpets for children, it is inappropriate, because it is difficult to clean from pollution. It is better to buy a soft games room in the children’s room with an average pile length. The carpet texture, which has both areas with a nap, and is quite smooth, looks great anywhere. The traditional oriental rugs are perfect for a strict classic interior.


Medium-sized rugs should be placed in front of the sofa in the living room and under the table in the dining area and at the foot of the bed in the bedroom. Here oval and rectangular wool and wool products will be suitable.

If there are already around items in the room (dining table, abstract pattern on wallpaper, lamp) and you want to complete the overall style, get a small or medium-sized rug in the same shape. Round carpets will have successfully completed this configuration.