Should you move furniture while cleaning the carpet?

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Carpets need high maintenance as they may collect germs, dust and impact the interior environment as well as your health. Therefore, in order to maintain it needs a simple vacuum twice a week or thorough cleaning every few months. If your home has many furniture loaded on the carpet, it is very annoying to clean […]

How to remove oil and water-based ink from the carpet?

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Most people stay on top of cleaning the carpet by regular vacuuming, but they do not know how to deal with tough stains. However, certain stains require special skills and different approaches to remove them. For example, ink stains are generally based on oil and water. Therefore, our carpet cleaning experts will make you aware […]

Why it’s High Time to Clean Carpets During Winter?

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While the tile floor relaxes you on summer days, you eagerly seek warmth during cold weather. So what else is better than the warmth of carpet underfoot during winter? Unfortunately, winter is the messiest season for floors and carpets as you spend more time indoors. That is why carpet cleaning should not be postponed in […]

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Services Essential For Pet Owners?

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Pets seem to cherish, and these cuddly animals can easily become an inseparable part of your family. However, they are breathing beings and don’t have the common sense to manage their grooming and personal requirements. As a result, your carpeted floor or rugs will get contaminated with their presence. However, as long as you clean […]

Welcome Spring With Clean Carpets

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Spring is here! The question is are your homes ready to welcome the new season of the year? With bright colored flowers in the garden and a mystique fragrance in the air, everything is spring. But while we enjoy the bright sun and hues, it is also important that we take a look at our […]

Is Carpet Cleaning On Your Checklist?

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Sometimes the pressure of work takes a toll on us. Working five days a week and not getting any me-time can get extremely exhausting. So when the weekend comes all we wish to do is relax. We tend to ignore the cleaning chores that may have become mandatory over a period of time. But you […]

Understanding Different Carpet Cleaning Type Of Composition

Before buying a carpet, it is necessary to know the carpet cleaning type that will best suit your convenience of usage. This is because these carpets have exclusive usage locations. For instance, carpets for the living room may not be fitted for carpets on the runway, as the density of usage and types of users […]