Should you move furniture while cleaning the carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Fairfield

Carpets need high maintenance as they may collect germs, dust and impact the interior environment as well as your health. Therefore, in order to maintain it needs a simple vacuum twice a week or thorough cleaning every few months. If your home has many furniture loaded on the carpet, it is very annoying to clean them. But, the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Fairfield making this work easy for you; let us discuss how?

How should you decide whether to move furniture or not?

Carpets and furniture have an old relationship as a wall-to-wall carpet in any household has a variety of furniture from bed, dressing tables, and couch. But when it comes to cleaning the carpet, should you move all of them? Here are a few things to keep in mind recommended by Carpet Cleaning Fairfield professionals in your area:

The material of furniture:

Some furniture, like center tables, is made up of glass and is delicate. It can break if carefully not handled when performing the cleaning. Therefore, it is best to relocate that type of furniture to avoid unnecessary damages.

The type of cleaning:

Suppose your carpeted area has wooden furniture, and you perform shampooing to clean. Here, carpets may get stained from the wooden leg as water and chemicals come in contact. Or, furniture made with iron may be prone to rust and corrosion. Consider moving furniture or making sure liquid does not seep through those areas in such situations.

Weight of the furniture:

Some furniture like chairs, plant stands, small tables are lightweight; you can place them in another room while cleaning. But what if you do not have enough space to relocate? Or, what will happen if the furniture is too heavy to lift? In these situations, you can protect them by using layers of blankets, cardboard, or pads that act as a protector for carpet and furniture.

How will things differ if you choose professional cleaning?

If you choose a professional carpet cleaning, some companies like Fairfield Carpet Cleaning Experts may ask you to relocate furniture before they arrive. The reason behind it is, professionals use heavy, large machinery to clean the carpets, and they do not want to damage any furniture or delicate items. However, cleaning professionals will inform the customers what they need to do prior to cleaning.

Alternatively, some may relocate furniture for you free of cost, while others may charge as it requires time to move. Another reason why professionals may charge is relocating furniture requires labor and training.

Decide on cleaning? Call the professionals:

When you decide to call the pro for carpet cleaning, do not forget to ask them whether their expert will move furniture or you have to do your own. Now, you know what to do, so consider calling the professionals for Carpet Cleaning Fairfield.