Understanding Different Carpet Cleaning Type Of Composition

Before buying a carpet, it is necessary to know the carpet cleaning type that will best suit your convenience of usage. This is because these carpets have exclusive usage locations. For instance, carpets for the living room may not be fitted for carpets on the runway, as the density of usage and types of users may affect the quality and duration of the carpet. In this article, we shall take a descriptive study of the different types of rug carpets, as it is expected to aid Carpet Cleaning Fairfield good judgment when deciding on which one to buy for a particular purpose. As it is relative to carpet cleaning.

Types of Rug Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning:

Wool Rugs

Sheep wool is one of the most wonderful natural materials used in production. Serving solid and exquisite wool carpets for decades, their owners are delighted with heterogeneous colors. Walking barefoot on a smooth and warm surface is not only enjoyable but also beneficial to well-being.

Disadvantages include the ability to quickly pollute, susceptible to butterflies and mold. However, these defects can be easily eliminated with the help of special tools that ensure the safety of the rug, such as the carpet steam cleaning tools.

Silk Carpets

Silk carpets, soft shiny and noble mix of shades, are called “magic.” Natural color does not distort when exposed to moisture and sunlight. The flexible, light, and durable silk thread allows craftsmen to draw the smallest details. Woven silk products change shade depending on the dominant colors of the interior and the lighting. It is often equivalent to the artwork that is worth collecting. Experts suggest carpet dry cleaning remedy for cleaning this type of carpet.

Viscose Carpet

Viscose fibers are a good alternative to natural materials. A pile of relatively inexpensive viscose paint is nice, light, and soft, and shine is similar to silk gloss. In viscose rugs, the delicate texture design, color depth, and elegance of lines are combined with high durability and the ability to retain the original look for several years, if properly taken care of, especially by professional carpet cleaning agencies such as Carpet Cleaning Fairfield.

Synthetic Carpets

Modern technologies allow us to bring the quality of artificial carpets to the properties of products made from natural fibers. In addition, synthetics win the process and it’s easier to take care of. Other advantages of acrylic, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene carpets include qualities such as safety for allergy-prone people; moisture resistance; design appeal, availability, and prices.

However, when making a choice in favor of industrial carpets, it is worth noting that you are purchasing a product that wears very quickly. Thus keep in mind that carpet maintenance is optimal. And if for industrial use, opt for carpet repair service in Fairfield.

Carpets With and Without Nap

The market offers products without piles, and carpets with short and long piles, as well as combined. Practical lint-free options with a grainy texture that fits nicely into the interior in a simple, modern style. It should be purchased for hallways, kitchens, balconies, and cottages.

Warm and semi-wool pile products made in Iran, India, and Pakistan are perfect for warmth and soft comfort. Traditional carpets with a long nap are usually placed in the bedrooms. But long-haired products are now in the prime of fashion. The carpet cleaning methods are optional.

Shaggy Carpet in The Bedroom

Shaggy Carpet in The Bedroom

For “shaggy” carpets for children, it is inappropriate, because it is difficult to clean from pollution. It is better to buy a soft games room in the children’s room with an average pile length. The carpet texture, which has both areas with a nap, and is quite smooth, looks great anywhere. The traditional oriental rugs are perfect for a strict classic interior.


Medium-sized rugs should be placed in front of the sofa in the living room and under the table in the dining area and at the foot of the bed in the bedroom. Here oval and rectangular wool and wool products will be suitable.

If there are already around items in the room (dining table, abstract pattern on wallpaper, lamp) and you want to complete the overall style, get a small or medium-sized rug in the same shape. Round carpets will have successfully completed this configuration.